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City Council Democrats vote to raise property taxes.

Last week, the Democrats on Cincinnati City Council took their first high profile action since the 2017 election: raise taxes on the middle class. The 7-2 vote approved an increase in property taxes to pay for the rebuilding of the Western Hills viaduct, improvements to firehouses, and other projects. Once again, the leaders of Cincinnati have chosen to take more of your money rather than re-organizing priorities and exercising financial responsibility. However, there is a bright side: if you need to complain to Council about the tax hike, you now have a streetcar to get you there in a jiffy, as long as you live along its 2-mile stretch.

We are all familiar by now with the Democratic talking points on taxes: they will stand up for you, the “little guy,” by raising taxes on the rich. Maybe Cincinnati Democrats didn’t get that memo….

City Council’s property tax increase was opposed only by its two Republicans, Councilwoman Amy Murray, and Councilman Jeff Pastor. It was supported unanimously by the Democrats, including so-called middle class champions Chris Seelbach and P.G. Sittenfeld.

The Democrats on Council defend their vote as a necessity to pay for vital projects. While it is nearly universally agreed upon that projects such as the Western Hills viaduct are badly needed, one must bury his head in the sand to believe that the city can’t take care of these needs without raising taxes on Cincinnati’s middle class. One way to pay for things without raising your taxes would be to listen to Republicans next time Democrats want to install a toy train to give the OTR urban hipsters something to do on weekends. Democrat delusions are fun for a short time, but financial realities always kick in, usually in the form of a Democrat-supported tax hike.

It is one thing to support raising taxes, but it is another entirely when you and your party constantly repeat the refrain that it is the GOP that wants to raise middle class taxes. In a recent CNN debate between Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, Bernie repeated the tired phrase that Republicans want to lower taxes on the rich. Ted Cruz responded, “Democrats have one talking point on taxes: It’s a tax cut for the rich. And they say it over and over and over again in response to everything. The most important thing for you to know when you’re at home is when they say rich, they mean taxpayer. Every time they say ‘rich’ they mean taxpayers.” Cincinnati proved Senator Cruz right.

“City Council’s property tax increase was opposed only by its two Republicans, Councilwoman Amy Murray, and Councilman Jeff Pastor.”

An increase in property taxes doesn’t just hit “the rich.” It affects everyone who pays for their living expenses (or in other words, everyone). If you own a home, whether you are rich or poor, your taxes just went up. If you rent, there’s little doubt that your rent will go up to help pay your landlord’s higher bills. The tax hike could even raise prices in your favorite Cincinnati restaurants and stores as those business owners now have to account for the extra money that City Council has taken out of their pockets.

Jeff Pastor, one of only two Republican council members said it best on Twitter:


This tax hike will hit everyone: the rich, the middle class, and the poor. Ultimately, it will hurt the middle class and the poor the most. Cincinnati City Council’s “progressives” have no problem telling you one thing to get your vote and then doing another, but they typically try to not be so blatant about it. How long before Cincinnati wakes up and realizes that when Democrats promise to raise taxes on the “rich,” they are promising to raise your taxes?

Democrats may make you feel warm and fuzzy inside by promising that they care about you. Democrats may have the candidates that you want to get a beer with. The Democrats may say that Republicans only care about the rich. The simple truth, as evidenced by Cincinnati Democrats’ latest tax hike, is that Republicans will put more money in your wallet, whether you are rich, poor, or in between.

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