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October 17, 2017 Mollie Finnegan 0Comment

Harvey Weinstein exposed Hollywood for what it really is.

Hypocrisy is a word that is thrown around Washington a lot these days. But what about outside of our nation’s capital? How about the group most notorious for feeding into the pockets of the left, Hollywood. It appears they have taken on yet another role as some of the largest hypocrites in the country.

Harvey Weinstein, a man of many trades including film producer, co-founder of Miramax, and one of Hollywood’s biggest supporters of the Democratic party. In addition to his decades of fundraising for the DNC along with individual politicians like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Elizabeth Warren, he has also been accused of spending his time sexually harassing countless women in the entertainment industry. What is almost as shocking as these allegations, which we should all find appalling, is the lack of outrage or concern from the left immediately following the initial accusations. Despite Weinstein being one of her biggest supporters (or perhaps because of), Hillary Clinton took several days to release any comment on her former pal, unlike her almost immediate comments in past situations such as the Las Vegas Shooting. Another champion of preventing and denouncing sexual assault, former Vice President Joe Biden also took his time denouncing the actions of Weinstein. The issue I take with these close political allies of Weinstein is that they are both inconsistent on the matter. I have a hard time imagining such delay in condemnation, as well as their moderate tone in denouncing Weinstein had the guilty-party been outspoken conservative Clint Eastwood.

“I have a hard time imagining such delay in condemnation, as well as their moderate tone in denouncing Weinstein had the guilty-party been outspoken conservative Clint Eastwood.”

One of the biggest critiques of President Trump has been his treatment of women, rightfully so, and the left has not wasted any opportunity to call attention to, poke fun at, or make teary-eyed monologues over the President during every awards show, SNL opening, or what has become the late night show preaching fest. As the leftist elites that make up Hollywood have turned into some serious social justice warriors fighting for everything from climate change, the “war on women” and our reproductive systems, and most recently gun control — why did it take so long for them to denounce someone who has been harassing women and abusing employees for decades? If they were fighting for the people, pouring millions into the party who fights for the oppressed, why were they letting an oppressor run rampant amongst their ranks?

Recently, late night show hosts have become experts on all things political, and even they could not spare any of their precious airtime to discuss this repulsive man who has preyed upon women for decades. Maybe it’s the close circles they run in, or the lack of moral standard when it comes to spreading their misinformed memos. If Weinstein had donated to Trump’s campaign or had ever spoken positively of the NRA, every late show would be dedicated to dragging this story out from the obscurity where Hollywood had kept it for so long. A recent story covered Jimmy Kimmel, one of the most prominent new comedians — turned political science professor — and his topics of discussions. Kimmel explained that he does not feel the need to talk about every issue that America faces, even though he spent the last few weeks lecturing Americans on a variety of issues. When topics arise that further their social agendas they become the self-appointed “moral conscious” of America, but when it goes against their political narrative suddenly it is not their job to lecture the public on how to vote.

Careers and the chance of success keeps many victims quiet, especially when the man harassing young actresses could easily put them in one of his productions and make them a household name. This same trend is not a new one, especially in regards  to the DNC. Bill Clinton used his power during ascension to the White House to assault numerous women, while his party, supporters, and wife stood by him and even blamed the women. Top ranking Democrats who have commented on the public scandal have pledged to return the money and put it towards causes that fit their progressive agenda, essentially just funneling the funds back towards their campaigns come the next election cycle. When Clinton was asked whether or not she would return or donate the money Weinstein had funneled into her campaign or foundation, she said it would not be given back because she had already spent it. If those who took money from this rapist truly cared about more than just winning their next election, or their favorable status among the Hollywood elite, they would be giving to victims of sexual assault and helping women get out of this cycle of power struggles.

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