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August 1, 2017 Sam Valk 0Comment

John McCain let us all down.

On Friday morning, the US Senate rejected a proposal for a so called “skinny” Obamacare repeal, with 51 senators voting against the repeal. All Democrats cast their ballot against the repeal measure, which was expected. Two Republicans: Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) also voted against the measure, which was par for the course. The biggest shock of the night came when Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) voted against the repeal measure. Had he voted for repeal, the vote would have been tied at 50 votes apiece, allowing Vice President Mike Pence to cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of the “skinny” repeal. It appeared that the leadership expected this result, come Friday morning. However, John McCain threw a wrench right into those plans by backing out of promises he has made for years, up to and including voting for a full repeal of Obamacare in 2015. Lisa Murkowski also said something similar when voting on the same 2015 bill, also backing out of promises she made.

John McCain, of course, is a war hero. He fought long and hard for his country in Vietnam, even becoming a prisoner of war for years. One of the most infamous moments of President Trump’s bid for the White House came when Trump said “I prefer my heroes not be captured,” when referencing Senator McCain’s war record. What Donald Trump said, of course, was abhorrent.  However, being a war hero does not make one a good politician by any means. Senator McCain does not seem to realize that as he goes on the war path against his own party, and his supposedly conservative principles, which the people of Arizona have elected him to do for the past 30 years, he is alienating himself from his fellow Republicans.

When first elected to the Senate in 1986, McCain promised to continue the legacy of the man he replaced, Barry Goldwater. McCain has failed to live up to Goldwater’s legacy, and the vote on Friday morning is the latest example of McCain breaking his promises. His legacy as a Senator has done much more to this country than his legacy as a war hero and unfortunately, his Senate legacy has become one of claiming conservatism, while voting against Conservative-Republican policies.

“McCain has failed to live up to Goldwater’s legacy.”

Before the votes took place to repeal Obamacare this week — once a full repeal and Friday’s “skinny repeal” (which would have abolished the individual mandate but continued the Medicaid expansion and funding) — Senator McCain came back to Washington after being hospitalized for an eye surgery. It was discovered that he has a rare, aggressive form of brain cancer. He gave an impassioned speech on the Senate floor in favor of opening debate on the Obamacare repeal measure. His speech received ample praise from all sides of the spectrum, but the praise on the Right was short lived.

Just hours after calling for discussion on Obamacare, McCain voted against a full repeal, along with six other Republicans. The Republicans who voted against it, including McCain, said they have always supported repeal and replace, not just straight repeal. His decision then to sink just a partial repeal of the costly, and oppressive, individual mandate on Friday proves — however — that the Senator does not care about the effects of the mandate on Americans. He cares about preserving his power and expanding it for himself, something I do not find heroic in any capacity.

If John McCain wanted to live up to his heroic past, he would try and fight for the individual American he claims to support. His refusal to erase the individual mandate forced upon ordinary citizens, while he sits high and mighty on his cushy federal government healthcare plan, shows he only cares about his position and not the individual American. He has refused to show any inkling of care for individual liberty during most of his 30 years as Senator, and his refusal to even touch the individual mandate is the cherry on top of his anti-liberty crusade in the Senate.

John McCain may be a war hero, but a war hero does not a good Senator make. John McCain, the Senator, is not a hero for American people. Even taking into account his war record, he has done great damage to the United States. He fights against individual liberty and fights for expanding the government in our lives, even when he promises to do the exact opposite. He refuses to fight for the individual, so this individual refuses to defend him and call him a hero.

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