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August 30, 2017 Cody Rizzuto 1Comment

Free speech is an issue all Americans should be able to get behind.

Liberal bias on college campuses is not a new occurrence. Almost daily we see stories of liberal propaganda in the classroom or the systematic tamping down of conservative thought. Universities should be, as advertised, a battleground of ideas and difference of opinion. Instead, they have become laboratories of liberalism.

Ohio Representatives Wes Goodman (R-Cardington) and Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) recently announced that they will be co-sponsoring a bill that will guarantee the right to free speech can be fully taken advantage of on all college campuses in the State of Ohio.

There are a number of universities across the country that have established “free speech zones” rather than opening up the entire campus to our first amendment rights. This bill would in part aim to prevent this from taking place. It would also prevent a university from disinviting or “rescheduling” speakers from attending events on campus due to their political leanings — which we have seen from other educational institutions like Berkeley in California, in recent months.

Some naysayers may claim that a bill like this isn’t necessary. I have spent much of the last few years on or near a college campus and can say with confidence that this is an issue that needs to be addressed. There are a number of conservative student groups, organizations, and individuals who would feel much more confident expressing their opinions in public with a law like this being on the books. The efforts from Goodman, Brenner, and others in the Statehouse gives them much needed cover to express their opinions without fear of retribution from the university.

I want to see demonstrations from the Left and the Right on campus. And even though I greatly disagree with communists and socialists on almost every issue, I want them to have the right to speak their mind as well. Our nation is more than lines on a map. We are founded on ideas. Our future politicians, presidents, and CEO’s are out there on Ohio’s campuses as we speak. We all will be well-served should they have the right to express their opinions — openly and civilly debate — and ultimately learn from each other.

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  • TZ

    Sounds like the author is more concerned about being criticized for his views than about the first amendment protections. What a coward! If conservative groups feel uncomfortable about expressing their unpopular views, that is not a first amendment issue, that is a lack of courage. Read the first five words of the first amendment “Congress shall make no law ….”. What the Mr. Rizzo really wants is to use big government to pass laws to suppress free speech of his critics. What a shameful view! Grow up!