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September 20, 2017 Brad Johnson 3Comment

President Trump had himself a good day.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump addressed the United Nations at its headquarters in New York. The speech received a lot of criticism, most of which simply because it was uttered from the mouth of our 45th president (I’m convinced he could endorse Bernie-care, and many on the Left would denounce it as Fascist). Since his remarks, Trump has been accused of trying to start World War III, undermining the Iran Nuclear Deal, and probably kicking puppies backstage.

In actuality, it was a sure-handed and cogent address to a body that has a history of giving a floor to malcontents on which they dogpile Israel. The virtue signaling that has run rampant throughout the UN is absurd. Their Human Rights Council earlier this year, adopted more resolutions condemning Israel than any other country on Earth. This includes North Korea which indoctrinates and practically enslaves their populace, numerous countries in the Middle East that condone honor-killings and throw gay people off buildings, and Venezuela whose socialist policies are starving their people while Maduro and his cronies live the lap of luxury. The UN has become a parody of its former self — and it started out pretty comical to begin with.

“The problem in Venezuela is not that Socialism has been poorly implemented, but that Socialism has been faithfully implemented.”

The first segment of his speech ended with the declaration that he will “put America first.” Unsurprisingly, this was met with disapproving groans from many watching. Because of their groaning, the next stanza was likely missed. Trump went on to say that just as America’s government should put America first, so too should each individual country put their own interests first. Is that truth not self-evident? As Trump noted, the UN was not created to dictate policy to countries, but for countries to dictate policy for the UN. Yet still, the “America First” doctrine is met with denigration, despite it being the prevailing canon of nearly every president — save for maybe James Buchanan. Those griping at Trump’s assertion set themselves apart for what they are, governmental globalists.

Next, Trump went on to criticize Russia’s actions in the Ukraine, China’s coercion in the South China Sea, and Iran’s (among others) sponsorship of terror. He then went out of his way to condemn North Korea’s indefensible exploits of its people and misbehavior on the world stage. It was here where the brunt of criticism was hurled at Trump. Not only did North Korean UN officials walk out upon hearing this speech, countless individuals took to social media to accuse the President of threatening to kill innocent civilians. This claim ignores two facts. The first being that President Trump stated the total destruction of North Korea would only be an option in self-defense, or defense of our allies. The second being that only a person blinded by their hatred for Trump would believe he aims to target civilians. Clearly he meant the regime, as he noted later in the speech. He then praised all members of the Security Council — including China and Russia — to support sanctions on North Korea.

Trump then turned his sights on Iran, the foremost state-sponsor of terror in the world. To enter into a deal with such a country was as Trump put it, “an embarrassment to the United States.” The attempted appeasing of a country that wishes only to see Israel eliminated, cannot be placated. Trump aims to end that trend.

Perhaps the best moment of the speech occurred when Trump turned his sights towards South America. In regards to Venezuela, Trump stated “[t]he problem in Venezuela is not that Socialism has been poorly implemented, but that Socialism has been faithfully implemented.” As Trump went on to say, wherever Socialism has been adopted, it has resulted in “anguish and failure.” Maduro is destroying his own country, and it is par for the course for Socialism. This was one of the best rebukes (credit to Trump’s speechwriter) of Socialism in recent memory by a world leader. Trump had himself a very good day in the assembly room of the United Nations. Let’s hope he sustains it.

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  • TZ

    No reason and logic here. Just a bunch of hypocritical musings of a child.

    • Brad Johnson

      Big words from someone who cannot even put their name to their pompous rhetoric.

      • TZ

        Wow! Do you know what the words pompous and rhetoric mean? My name is TZ. Why does that matter to you? Are you going to track me down and beat me up? You chose to put your weak-ass conservative nonsense in a public forum and now you do not like my criticism. So what. Grow a pair.

        The US is a socialist country, it provides many services that we the people pay for thru taxes. So do most of the advanced countries. They seem successful.

        Venezuela went from a successful democracy that elected a socialist to a dictatorship with the help of the US: Maybe if the US had minded their own business, Venezuela wouldn’t be having these problems now. Much like Iran in 1953 or Chile in 1973 when the US overthru a democratically elected governments and installed dictators. And you probably think they hate us for our freedom!

        The foremost state-sponsor of terror in the world is clearly the US. Although sponsor is not quite a strong enough term, we send in the drones and threaten to wipe countries of the earth ourselves when they do things we don’t like.

        One man’s terrorist is another man’s George Washington, I challenge you to define terrorist in a way that wouldn’t include Washington.

        Israel is an apathied state: meaning it has a system of institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination. That is why the Human Rights Council is rightly condemning them.

        So my conclusion is that you don’t know what you are talking about. Just another Trumper who thinks where you were born makes you superior to other people.

        There is some pompous rhetoric for you.