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August 30, 2017 Cam Uptmor 0Comment

WBC comes to UC.

On September 6, the Westboro Baptist Church* will be staging a protest on the Uptown Campus of the University of Cincinnati.

The Westboro Baptist Church, or WBC, is a radical Christian church from Topeka, Kansas. WBC claims to be a baptist church, but only preaches doctrines of hate. They refer to themselves as “Old School Baptist,” claiming that all modern day Christian churches are teaching lies. Unlike the massive majority of Christians, they genuinely believe that God does not love everyone and that Jesus died on the Cross for only certain people.

The doctrine of the WBC claims that homosexuals are ruining the nation, that the HIV/AIDS virus is a cleansing from God to kill homosexuals, and that the death of American soldiers should be celebrated. These values may sound like the teachings of an insane terrorist, but alas, they are not. It is from an established church with a cult-like congregation, who travel the country to protest things that no sane person would ever protest.  

This vile group has been known to protest the funerals of American soldiers, Gay Pride events, and even concerts. The WBC routinely attempts to make money by suing cities or organizations that infringe upon their First Amendment rights (yes, these wackos still have rights) in any way. Many members of the WBC are lawyers, so they know how to win a lawsuit. They are also willing to sue any person who physically assaults them, which should be taken as a warning for anyone who plans to counter-protest them. They do this to get a rise out of those who disagree with their drivel.

Along with the main campus of the University of Cincinnati, the Westboro Baptist Church plans to stage protests* on September 6 at Oak Hills High School — where a Gay Straight Alliance exists; and the Duke Energy Convention Center — where the National Baptist Convention is taking place. These protests will be broken up into times between 2:15pm to 5:30pm. Caution should be taken to avoid them. 

*Links to the WBC’s website have intentionally been left out, as to not give it undeserved traffic. If one truly wishes to see that filth, a simple Internet search will find it.

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