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August 22, 2017 Brad Johnson 4Comment

*Editor’s Note: Since the publication of the article, the necessary steps have been taken to invite a diversity of opinion into the event. While this event was not sponsored by the University, it is being held on campus. We are extremely glad the University of Cincinnati corrected this error, and is committing itself to a more diverse offering of opinion with this event, and for all others in the future. 

Diversity of thought is low on UC’s priority list.

The University of Cincinnati is sponsoring an event on August 24th called “UCivic.” It is designed as a “Local Government-Student Networking Fair.” The description is, as follows: “Learn about: internships/remote internships, job shadowing, volunteer opportunities, jobs, general career talk, meet important people in Cincinnati, register to vote in Hamilton county, & about Cincinnati mobile apps.” The flier is below.

The University of Cincinnati is so committed to diversity that they have hosted an event that fails to include even one Republican. With three endorsed Republicans running for City Council, several running for judge in the county, and multiple elected officials at the county level, not one of them has been included in this event. Unsurprisingly, UC claims to pride itself on promoting diversity, but their actions prove they couldn’t care less about the diversity that matters most: diversity of thought and experience. (See editor’s note)

A piece of its mission statement is, as follows, “We are committed to excellence and diversity in our students, faculty, staff, and all of our activities. We provide an inclusive environment where innovation and freedom of intellectual inquiry flourish.” Clearly they are failing to provide “freedom of intellectual inquiry” with this particular event. In doing so, they are ignoring half of their student population who does not lean as left as perhaps many at the University would prefer.

There can be no claim of incumbent-only invites, as multiple city council campaigns listed are first time candidates. To our knowledge — and after various conversations with Republican campaigns — no Republican campaign has been invited. This is essentially an unofficial Democrat-only event, hosted by a University that exhibits some hostility towards diversity of thought. The monopoly over higher education by the Left is clearly not limited to the Ivy League.

This proves we can find it in our own backyard, and it’s a shame my alma mater has fallen victim to it once again. I hope the organizers of this event rethink their choice to cut out conservatives. Center-right thinkers do make up half the population, and pay a very large portion of UC’s annual tuition. If, for some reason, the event’s organizers have no idea how to go about contacting Republicans in the area, I’d be happy to oblige. Our contact submission form is only a few tabs away.

Read the Updated Statement on this event here.

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