August 4, 2017 Kennedy Copeland 0Comment

The parties are changing.

The 36th Governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice, announced Thursday night that he will be renouncing his Democratic Party affiliation and will join the Republican Party.

At a Donald Trump rally in Huntington on Thursday night, billionaire Governor Jim Justice, and longtime friend of the Trump family, announced that he would switch parties.

The New York Times first reported Justice’s plan to make the switch yesterday, August 3.

During the 2016 election, every county in West Virginia voted for Trump. Trump won West Virginia by 42 percent. The gubernatorial race, however, was much closer. Jim Justice ran against Republican Bill Cole — Lieutenant Governor since 2015, and won with 49.1 percent of the vote.

It is important to note that Gov. Justice switched to the Democratic party in 2015 and was previously both Republican and Independent. Justice ran and served as a democrat for a short time span of two years. The switch, while perhaps not surprising, is certainly a win for the GOP.

With this switch, Republican governors will outnumber Democrat governors 35 to 15.

Justice’s decision to head back to the GOP will further isolate West Virginia Senator, and former governor, Joe Manchin III, the lone West Virginia Democrat at the federal level.

If it was not clear that the political parties are shifting, this surely shows it.

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